Thirty Before Thirty

So in college, my volleyball team would have to complete a run test every semester called “Thirty-Thirty”. This was THE big run test that showed our coach the work we had put in over break, and in some cases, decided on if we could get team gear.

This, however, is not a literal “run” test, but in some ways it is a race! I have come up with a list of thirty things I want to do before I turn thirty. When I first saw this idea, I thought “Easy, I have like 10-12 years…” Then I remembered that I am almost twenty-four! That leaves me with six years to complete my list. I am racing against time on this one.

Some of them will be easier than others, but making myself slow down from my busy life to cross them off will be the biggest challenge. Hopefully publishing this list will hold me accountable and will give me fun things to write about!

1. Go to Germany in the summertime.

2. See Shania Twain in concert.

3. Kayak with Orcas.

4. Go on an African Safari.

5. Live in as many different places as possible.

6. Learn German.

7. Learn to make Macarons.

8. Write letters to people I love and mail it to them.

9. Get into a fitness routine I am happy with.

10. Sing somewhere in public.

11. Play with an elephant.

12. Breed Beta Fish. (Weird of me, I know)

13. Land my dream job.

14. Get a Master's degree.

15. Go and watch a Broadway play with my husband.

16. Go to the Orlando theme parks with my husband.

17. Watch a baby being born.

18. Do something that scares me.

19. Go on a Girls' Getaway.

20. Start a collection.

21. Go on a Mission's Trip.

22. Get my fortune read.

23. Swim under a waterfall(s).

24. Learn to surf.

25. See what life is like as a brunette.

26. See the Northern Lights.

27. Copy my grandmother's recipe books with my grandmothers.

28. Take a "How To" Class.

29. Go back to our honeymoon destination.

30. Realize that 30 might actually be the beginning.

I am so excited for this challenge! Why don’t you do it with me? Comment below and tell me what you plan to do before you turn 30! Good luck!