Behind The Lizard Spot

Behind The Lizard Spot

Started in the beginning of 2016 as a blog for personal fun and hobby, The Lizard Spot has specifically become a chameleon, taking on the color of whatever is happening in my life. This site is becoming a popular stopping place for family, friends, teachers, dog lovers, travelers, and washed-up athletes.

I’ve read for a blog to be successful, it has to have a focus point. “What audience are you targeting?” I cannot name a focus point for this blog besides life. I try to look at the world with a lens that God gave me. In fact, I think that would be a good place for you to start here at The Lizard Spot: “Growing”. I’m putting myself out there and trusting that what I learn in my every day life is what others are, too.

First and foremost, I love Jesus Christ. He will show up in most of my blogs. I love him because he first loved me. Secondly, I am a wife to a handsome German man (check out my series Living with a German in the US of A). Traveling and crossing things off our bucket list is something we love to do together. This past year I have graduated college, ended my collegiate volleyball career, gotten married, and started my first job as a high school English teacher. It has been a busy year with a lot of endings and a whole lot of new beginnings! The well of blog topics will hopefully never run dry!  Lastly, I am a proud dog mom to a Boston Terrier named Lemon. She is full of personality and takes up a lot of my time.

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5 thoughts on “Behind The Lizard Spot

  1. You are very wise (a gift from our Savior). You may not go out into the world to change but you cant help but change the world if you are wearing “Christ Lens”. 2 Cor. 3:18.


  2. Steps and Stages took me back to my own journey growing up. Like the old song, “Growing Up Is Hard to Do”, everyone feels that way but you don’t know it till much later. Some never find what is “real and meaningful” so you are way ahead of the pack. Your sensitivity comes with Loving People. I’m glad you are who you are even though that means at times you will get hurt. It’s worth it! We love you!


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