First Puppy As a Couple- Our Story

First Puppy As a Couple- Our Story

So most people who know me know that I’ve wanted a French Bulldog  for as long as I can remember. I used to sit on the computer and research all different types of dogs because I wanted the best fit for me and my life style. I remember coming across the most adorable, squished, wrinkly, fat face on my computer screen and falling in love. I have wanted a Frenchie ever since!

I continued to do research and found that Frenchies are great apartment dogs because they do not need a lot of exercise. In fact, they cannot withstand a lot of exercise because of their flat faces and breathing problems. Frenchies also have short legs, which make running with their chubby bodies difficult. But in all honesty, that was perfect for me because I don’t want to do a lot of exercising either and a dog that needed to go out and run would not be the perfect fit for me. For many different reasons, French Bulldogs can have a lot of health problems, but that was something I was aware of and ready to tackle if that ever became a problem. Now all I had to do was come up with $2,000 and a French Bulldog baby was mine!

However, my husband brought me back to reality and made me aware that we did not have $2000 to spend on a fur baby, which would probably have health problems and probably cost us more money. I was upset, but he was right! After all, living off of a teacher’s salary did not leave $2000 in spare change lying around. So we started doing more research.

Things got complicated when I brought my husband into my dog search and research. He doesn’t like hairy dogs, which is like every cute and adorable dog that’s ever lived. He wanted a companion dog to go run and play with, like a Lab or a Golden Retriever. It was my turn to bring him back to reality. Bigger dogs in a small apartment make for messes that I do not want to clean up (and I knew he wouldn’t be cleaning everything up). Messes like poop, slobber, hair, etc. Every dog he would show me, I shot down. Every dog I showed him, he shot down. “Too big.” “Too hairy.” “Too ugly.” “Needs a lot of exercise.” “Those breeds bark a lot.” We wanted a puppy so bad that we began dreaming of puppies– only my dreams held different breeds than his dreams did. This search was starting to get long and frustrating. I had been trying to find the perfect dog for me for years and here he is telling me his opinion…. It was the first big decision that we had to make together and it really helped us grow as a couple.

My mom had been aware of our dog search and one day sent me a picture of the most adorable black and white puppy that I had ever seen. She said, “Do you want this dog? I need to know ASAP. She is $500 dollars.” I called her immediately. She said her friend from work was on a waiting list for a Boston Terrier, but her husband said no. Her friend had told the breeder no when she called, but she thinks she could call back and change her mind if we hurry. By the time I got the okay from my husband and they called the breeder back, the puppy had been given to the next person on the call list. I was crushed.

My husband and I had talked about Boston Terriers before, but neither of us had really moved forward in researching them. After this first puppy fell through, we went Boston Terrier crazy. We were looking up YouTube videos of them, talking about names for a boy and names for a girl. We both started dreaming about the same breed for the first time.


Luckily for me, they look very similar to Frenchie’s. People often tell us they love our French Bulldog out in public. However, our Boston turned out to be way better for us than a Frenchie would have. First off, she was $1500 cheaper. That’s what I call a winning puppy on a teacher’s salary. Secondly, she doesn’t slobber on everything. Thirdly, she has very little to no shedding. Fourthly, the overall health of the breed has a better starting outlook that French Bulldogs do.

We love her and are considering getting another one. Our Boston Terrier, who we named Lemon from the show Hart of Dixie, is the perfect breed for our life style. I recommend researching the perfect breed for you and your lifestyle before you purchase. I’m so glad I waited and spent time searching. Here are somethings we have learned on our journey with Lemon:

  1. The lesson from the story above: don’t rush into getting a puppy! Research which breed is best for you! If you are getting your first dog together as a couple, it can be frustrating! Listen to the interests of the other person and come to an agreement together. At one point while we were looking, my husband told me that I could just pick the first dog and he could pick the second dog when the time came. I disagreed because I wanted to make this big choice together and I am so glad we did!
  2. It can be hard living in an apartment with a new puppy. Hauling them down three flights of stairs when they have to pee right now (or have already started peeing in the house) is not ideal. We made the mistake at first of giving Lemon treats when she came back inside from using the restroom. Now, we give her treats outside right after she goes. This has made huge leaps of progress in her potty training.
  3. We also invested in PoochiePet Bells. We ring the bells by the door every time we take her potty. Whenever she rings the bells (at first, it was mostly on accident or out of curiosity), we immediately take her outside. This is a task because we do live on the third floor, but being consistent is key!
  4. We make her “sit” for anything she wants. This emphasizes that begging is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. She sits in the elevator when we ride up or down, she sits when we put on or take off her leash, she sits if she wants a piece of the banana I am eating, and we don’t even have to tell her anymore. It’s the cutest thing when we take her to the dog park because when someone is passing out treats and all of the other dogs are going CRAZY, you can always find Lemon sitting like a pretty princess.
  5. We invested in a puppy play pen (link to the one we purchased). We got ours on Amazon, where they have all different kinds, sizes, and colors. We love ours and use it every single day. They are big and take up a lot of space, but when everyone is gone at work, it gives the dog space to move around, get food/water, while still being confined to a specific area. If she does have an accident in the play pen, it cleans up nicely and easily. We are really looking forward to the day when she is fully potty trained and trusted to be left out of the crate and play pen when we are gone.
  6. It’s best if you potty train a puppy in the same area. We got antsy and got Lemon earlier than we should have. We brought her home to my parents house for Thanksgiving Break, then changed living spaces on her several times in her first few months with us. This made potty training much harder or her, but she has made great strides ever since our living situation has become more permanent.

I would love to hear about your first pet with your significant other, tips you learned/are learning that make things easier, things you would do differently, and the amount of love fur babies of all kinds bring!


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