10 Things To Add to Your Summer To-Do List

Summer is right around the corner, and although we all should be getting ready to write final papers and study for final exams, making a Summer 2016 Bucket List can be a great and fun break from school work!! If you like to plan like I do, there’s no better way to ensure a summer full of fun other then making a detailed To-Do list to accomplish over the next three months of freedom! Here’s 10 Things to put on your summer To-Do List:


  • Read a classic novel: go to the nearest Barnes and Noble or public library and grab Jane Eyre, Of Mice and Men, Huckleberry Finn, etc. and get lost in another world. It’s great to grab one when going on vacation, or if you can’t go on a vacation, it’s the perfect way to “go somewhere else” for cheap.
  • Visit your home town’s local museum: I was fortunate to grow up 10 min away from where Neil Armstrong is from, so there’s an awesome space museum right down the road. There’s several others local museums. Check yours out! I bet it won’t disappoint on a rainy summer day!
  • Start your own Recipe Box: Go to Wal-Mart and buy a recipe box and recipe cards. Then go to Grandmas house, Aunts house, neighborhood lady’s house, etc. and ask them to show you how make their most famous recipe. Write it down and stick it in your box! It’s something you can keep and treasure for the rest of your life. Plus the time spent with loved ones is never wasted.
  • Do a DIY Project: Although whether or not DIY projects actually save you money, there’s something rewarding about doing something yourself. Plus, they usually turn out really cute. There’s a ton of ideas on Pinterest and the internet. Let out your artsy side. You may surprise yourself!
  • Start A Summer 2016 Memories Jar: This is something my fiancé and I started at the beginning of the year, but it would be awesome to do the same thing with your high school best friend over the summer too! Every time something fun/funny/romantic/special/memorable happens, write in on a small piece of paper and throw it in the jar. The last night of summer, dump them all out with your best friend and recap all the fun things that happened. Pop some popcorn, read the notes, and it may just end up being the best night of the whole summer!
  • Plan a family movie night/game night: Summer is a time to reunite with old high school friends, get a job to make some money for the upcoming semester, and of course get a tan, but don’t forget about dear old mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, and even the little sibs. They miss you while you’re away and you never know just how many more summers you’ll be at home. Make some memories with the family while you can.
  • Buy a coloring book and a box of crayons: There are some really awesome adult coloring books out right now (check Wal-Mart and/or Barnes and Noble). Bring some color to a rainy day or late night!
  • Clean out your closet: There’s never a better time to get rid of some of the old and out of style clothes from your closet than the summer. You can donate them to a local charity or make some money with it by having a garage sale with some of your friends!!!
  • Go outside: After a whole semester of being cooped up studying, go on a hike, ride your bike, go to the local pool, go to the zoo, or go to a baseball game! Find something that interests you and grab your sunscreen. Take advantage of the warm weather while you can.
  • Make this summer count!: Spend 15-30 minutes making your own bucket list for the summer. Make it specific to your area, fill it with small, medium, and large ideas, and enjoy crossing them off as your summer days go by. (Don’t forget to put them in your memory jar as you cross them off!) Make Summer 2016 your favorite summer yet!

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